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More Calcium (from milk) in food: the food enricher of Tillmanns

Fortificatore calcio tillmanns

Calcium is a very important mineral for the health of bones and teeth. Furthermore, it is a fundamental element for the balance of the nervous system, and it contributes to lowering cholesterol. Tillmanns distributes products from the LACTOVAL® line, Calcium enrichers for food products. Find out more in the article.

Enrichment in Calcium is one of the fastest growing trends in the dairy food market. The benefits of Calcium for the health are also expressed in various claims approved by the European Union in the framework of the legislation governing the presentation and the labelling of food.

Considering milk-based products with added minerals, over 90% is enriched in Calcium. Among the most popular products on the market are milk-based drinks and yoghurt or fermented milk to drink. However, any food can be enriched. Calcium can be added to foods in the form of individual minerals produced by the Chemical Industry and included in the set of food additives (eg Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Sulphate, Calcium Chloride).

An alternative is presented by Tillmanns with Calcium naturally present in milk and obtained directly from this raw material. In fact, Tillmanns distributes the functional ingredients of the LACTOVAL® line, produced by FRIESLAND CAMPINA DMV, consisting of mineral complexes of high-calcium milk.

Calcium from milk contained in the ingredients of the LACTOVAL ® line offers the following advantages:

  • “Clean label” (this expression written on the label of a product indicates the presence of few ingredients and of natural origin)
  • Good solubility / stability of the suspensions
  • Heat stability
  • Presence of other milk minerals (eg magnesium)

In the table below we present two types of ingredients, with their Calcium and protein content as well as some possible applications in the dairy sector.

Fortificatore calcio valori

Tillmanns is at the disposal of the Food Industry to provide product documentation and samples and Calcium enrichers for food products. Contact us.