Specialità chimiche di qualità

Our Plus

Quality chemical specialties: the strong points of Tillmanns

The quality chemical specialties offered by the company always meet the desire to solve a specific problem or need of the customer. The latter finds a consultant and a partner able to support him in his activity thanks to his innovative solutions and the continuous research and attention towards new technologies and innovations on the fine chemicals market. Discover the pluses of the company.



Tillmanns experience and expertise are linked to its important historicity which has been present on the field of chemical specialties for over 75 years.


Customized consultancy

Thanks to its research and development laboratory, the company studies and recommends suitable and customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer.


Wide range of solutions

20.000 references always available thanks to the 12.000 sqm warehouse that allows storing products and ensuring fast and safe deliveries.


Specific application fields

All the know-how of Tillmanns in the 4 specific sectors that make the company the reference point for the distribution of ad hoc chemical specialties in the Industry, Food & Nutrition, Water Tech and Indoor Finishing Materials sectors.

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