Ingredienti e aromi per salumi e carni

Salami factories and fresh meat

Full range of ingredients and flavors for sausage factories and fresh meat

The company offers high quality ingredients and flavors for the production of salami, coppa, bacon, bresaola, mortadella and cooked products in general. Thanks to its own experience and to international partners, the company is able to support customers in the design and development of innovative products in the sector of processed meat. The variety of artificial casings (Hukki, Nalo), in fact, allows production optimization leading to considerable savings on production costs and maintaining the highest quality standards.

Product range

The products of the Industry department for the Salami factories and fresh meat sector are:

For seasoning 

For cooking

Seasoned cold cuts 

Sliced cold cuts 


With applied net 

Special applications

With barrier (zero drop) 

Permeable (with weight loss) 

For sliced products 

With color transfer, spices and/or smoke 

For sterilization

Seasoned salami 

Cooked cold cuts

Seasoned cold cuts 

Cooked products

Evoh base 

Multilayer evoh base 

For pasteurization and cooking

Nylon-polythene bags 

Aluminum bags 

Special bags

Trays lidding film 

For flowpack 

For "form shrink" thermoforming

Film without pvc base po

Food caseinates-milk proteins 

Serum-whey protein derivatives 

Powdered milk and lactose-free milk powder


Rice starch 

Xanthan gum

Citric acid and citrates 

Lactic acid 

Ascorbic acid

Ascorbic acid 

Sodium ascorbate 

Calcium and sodium propionate 

Sorbic acid 

Potassium sorbate

For sausage 

For seasoned cold cuts 

For hamburgers 

For poultry products 

For cooked hams 

For vegans/vegetarians

Spice mixes 


Conventional aromas 

Natural flavors 

Organic flavors


Tomato fiber 

Tomato pulp

Wheat fiber 

Corn fiber 

Pea fiber and protein 

Buckwheat fiber 

Oat fiber

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