Ingredienti e aromi per mangimi animali

Pet food

Products for the production of pet food

The company offers tubulars, mixtures, ingredients and flavorings for pet food. In particular, Tillmanns distributes a special plastic tube for autoclave cooking. Available in various colors and customized prints.

Product range

The products of the Industry department for the Pet food sector are:

With barrier (zero drop) 

Permeable (with weight loss) 

For sliced products 

With color transfer, spices and/or smoke 

For sterilization


Tomato fiber 

Tomato pulp

Spice mixes 


Citric acid and citrates 

Lactic acid 

Ascorbic acid

Ascorbic acid 

Sodium ascorbate 

Calcium and sodium propionate 

Sorbic acid 

Potassium sorbate

Wheat fiber 

Corn fiber 

Pea fiber and protein 

Buckwheat fiber 

Oat fiber

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