Packaging per prodotti lattiero caseario


Packaging and packaging materials for the dairy sector

The company offers a wide range of packaging materials for the high quality dairy sector and packaging designed to protect and enhance the presentation of dairy products. Being always active in the cheese production sector, Tillmanns provides its customers with high quality materials and packaging, such as barrier or vacuum shrinkable bags.

Product range

The products of the Industry department for the Dairy sector are:

Evoh v-shape base 

Evoh multilayer base 

For pasteurization and cooking

Nylon-polythene bags

Aluminum bags 

Special bags

Trays lidding film 

For flowpack 

For "form shrink" thermoforming

With barrier (zero drop) 

Permeable (with weight loss) 

For sliced products 

With color transfer, spices and/or smoke 

Citric acid and citrates 

Lactic acid

Potassium sorbate

Sorbic acid

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