Prodotti chimici per trattamento acque

Products for civil and industrial wastewater treatment

Chemical products for the treatment of waste and industrial water

Constantly looking for new products and technologies, the company is able to optimize the water consumption for drinking and industrial use in order to ensure that wastewater and sludge from purification are managed in an environmentally friendly manner.

Tillmanns uses a specific structure consisting of a team of technicians with many years of experience operating throughout the national territory, its own laboratory and two warehouses in the Milan headquarters.

Product range

The products of the Industry department for the civil and industrial wastewater treatment sector are:

Primary flocculants


Cationic powder (PAM)

Cationic inverse emulsion (PAM)

Anionic emulsion

Cationic water dispersion

Anionic water dispersion

Polymer based

Synthetic based (liquids based on aluminum salts and iron)

Synthetic based (activated bentonites)





Extruded in cylinder

ECOSORB® range

ANTIPREX® range (products for washing and maintaining equipment)

OSMOTILL: chemicals for reverse osmosis and UF

TILLFLRESH: products line for cooling water treatment

TILLSTEAM: products line for boiler treatment

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We offer customized formulations for wastewater treatment.