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Research and Development

Innovation passes through the Tillmanns laboratory

The core of the company is its chemical specialties research and development laboratory: accurate and strict controls, scientific precision and the study of innovative applications to guarantee customers improved and safe applications in the fine chemicals field.

Research and development of safe and effective chemical specialties

The company has a fully equipped laboratory and dedicated qualified staff to carry out technical tests on customer formulations, to offer recipes based on the raw materials provided by Tillmanns and analyze together with the customers the innovative solutions to the problems presented by the market.

The company is able to carry out the evaluation of water-based paints, industrial paints, varnishes, building materials, products for the textile industry, abrasives and sealants in order to support customers in an increasingly demanding market. The main companies (partners) are also available for specific technological tests on the performance of their products and for targeted replacement analysis in favor of more updated and innovative solutions.

The research and development laboratory is always active on what concerns the study of new raw materials and high performance and safe applications, with a particular interest in solutions consistent with the needs of low environmental impact.

  • What we have done

    The laboratory has been active since the 90s with the goal of improving the internal knowledge of the sales department and helping customers with effective answers and cutting-edge solutions. More sophisticated tools have been added to the basic equipment (mixers, dispersers, viscometers and pH meters) in order to assess formulations, in addition to resins and pigments.

  • What we do

    Viscosity (rotational viscometer and DIN cup) and pH (pH meter and conductivity meter) measurements are performed in the laboratory. It is possible to evaluate building materials thanks to the flow table, sieves and measuring device and to measure the coverage and resistance to wet and dry abrasion of water-based paints. In addition, coats on wood, metal, plastic, glass and on large concrete surfaces. The available tools allow drying in the oven up to 300° C and measuring adhesion, hardness, gloss and colorimetry. The company also analyzes the aging of finished products with light and/or weather exposure tests and accelerated aging tests. Thanks to the wide range of additives, Tillmanns helps customers solving the aesthetic and application problems of their formulations and is also able to propose completely new systems.

  • What we will do

    At Tillmanns there is no limit to curiosity and initiative! The research for the development of innovative chemical specialties starts with the analysis of both raw materials and technological tools that meet the expectations of customers with whom the company works in synergy. Frequently, the arrival in the laboratory of latest-generation equipment derives from customers’ suggestions, as well as from the willingness of the qualified technicians to welcome new challenges. Also the close collaboration with its partners will continue in the future, since they are available to carry out application tests with their pilot plants, for example filter pressure test, and to perform rheology tests on melting.

Ricerca e sviluppo

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