Storia Tillmans


Distributor of chemical products and specialties for various industrial uses since 1940

Operating mainly in Italy, the company includes among its partners the most important international chemical industries and plays an essential spokesman part between producer and end customer. Thanks to its qualified and well-prepared sales organization, efficient logistics and specialized technical assistance, Tillmanns is able to meet even the most specific and original requests.

Independent, influential and reliable: this is the image that Tillmanns has been able to build with perseverance and consistency in over more than 80 years of experience. It is a capital of values shared by generations of collaborators: today more than 100 people work for Tillmanns in various ways.

There is a constant search for innovation and quality alongside this continuity of traditional values. Tillmanns not only makes its technicians and a cutting-edge technological laboratory available to customers, but also uses - in collaboration with its partners - the support of real specialists. This allows the transmission of information and know-how for the resolution of specific problems, also in relation to the various safety regulations in continuous evolution.

  • Past

    Raw materials for perfumery and soap making

    In the 30s the German citizen Federico Tillmanns represented some German companies in the perfumery and soap industry in Milan. Despite the war, the commercial activity of the raw materials for cosmetics started up again in 1946 until it was transformed into a Spa in the 50s.



  • Present

    Essential spokesman in the chemical industry

    The company presents itself as an important supplier of chemical products, with a know-how developed in over more than 80 years of work, research and development in the chemical industry. Innovation, quality and safety are the values that distinguish it and allow customer satisfaction.


  • Future

    Innovation and continuous research

    Tillmanns is committed to developing new solutions in order to meet present and future needs, from an innovative and improved perspective. The company invests in research in order to remain the customer's reference point, offering only the best custom-made chemical specialties solutions.


At Tillmanns every day is a day dedicated to satisfying the customer