Qualità e sicurezza Tillmanns

Quality and Safety

Accurate checks, constant monitoring and safe management of chemical compounds

Tillmanns makes quality and safety its strong points in order to guarantee the customer only the best chemicals. In order to maintain the high quality standards of its fine chemicals, the company operates with accurate attention and in total safety at every stage of the marketing of chemical products, as confirmed by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification. Rigorous and precise rules and procedures that allow the safe and responsible management of chemical compounds, also in the light of environmental protection.

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What do Quality and Safety mean for Tillmanns?

Constant monitoring of the entire supply chain allows continuous monitoring of the quality and safety of chemical compounds. The company invests in the training of its staff to guarantee efficient and accurate checks on incoming and outgoing products at all times, especially in the careful and precise management of hazardous goods.

Each chemical compound is accompanied by a technical document, safety data sheets and product specifications. All this to deliver safe and quality chemical products to the customer, together with passion and proficiency.

A reliable and qualified spokesman who invests in the quality and safety of the fine chemicals sector in order to guarantee only the best to his customers. How? Discover the steps that guarantee quality and safety for the customer.

  • Supplier assessment 

    The choice of the best partners and the constant monitoring of suppliers guarantee quality and safety for the customer.

  • Regulatory standards check

    Careful and precise analysis, control and compliance with the strict regulations lead to high quality and safety standards.

  • Incoming products analysis

    The quality that characterizes the products supplied by the company is ensured by accurate checks on all incoming products and materials.

  • Storage conditions check

    The careful storage of the products supplied by the company guarantees the maintenance of the quality and characteristics ensured by the suppliers.

  • F.I.F.O. products management 

    Strategy, care and control also in warehouse management to ensure constant monitoring of expiration dates.

  • Assessment and selection of vectors

    The transport is essential to ensure safe delivery of products and maintain their high quality.

  • Customer satisfaction analysis

    Customer satisfaction is the main objective of the company, which manages every request and need fast and carefully.

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