Valori Tillmanns

Mission and Values

The success of Tillmanns and its values: Passion, Expertise and Results.

Tillmanns’ mission is to be recognized by users and producers as a partner, reference point and spokesman in the supply system of chemical products by offering improving, innovative and highest quality technical solutions.

In order to do this, the company uses specialized and constantly updated and trained personnel, able to work with the cutting-edge tools available in the internal laboratory. The aim is represented by customer satisfaction that arises from the will and the ability to resolve each specific request with ad hoc solutions. Quality chemical products applicable to different fields: from industry to the building sector, passing through the food and wastewater treatment sectors.

How does Tillmanns work to satisfy the customer and maintain the high standards of quality and safety of its chemicals?

  • Connects customers and suppliers, ensuring the most effective channel in the industrial sector
  • Maintains high knowledge of the market through continuous studies and market research
  • Offers a professional sales and marketing organization in order to ensure remarkably high standards every day
  • It is committed to offering a work environment in which the best experts are willing to work
  • It supplies safe chemicals with the “zero accidents and incidents” goal
  • Generates high and sustainable performance for both stakeholders and other interested parties


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Reliable intermediary for quality chemical products

Tillmanns is committed every day to be a reference point and a trustworthy and professional partner for its customers. Its essential role as intermediary for the supply of fine chemicals takes shape thanks to the customized consultancy reserved to customers, to the immediate availability of the goods, with consequent fast and on time delivery, and to the fundamental function performed by its highly qualified staff. The company's passion passes from its constant commitment to keeping its values in the foreground, protecting both its staff and the quality constantly guaranteed to its customers.

Health & Safety

Safety is a priority for a zero-incidents workplace, developing safety practices and skills that are consistent at all levels and creating a culture of responsibility for all employees, suppliers and visitors.

Employee Development

Staff empowered and encouraged to grow through continuous training. The company supports all the skills, knowledge, competence and experiences within the team as they are fundamental for future success.

Zero accident is possible

The company sets challenging goals for continuous improvement of the chemicals performance and the work environment, developing consistent safety practices and skills. Safety is the Tillmanns way of thinking.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

The certified Management System covers the entire distribution chain from suppliers' assessment, through the control of incoming products, the monitoring of storage conditions and the evaluation of carriers up to the delivery of high quality products.

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