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ECOSORB 606®: odor treatment of poured asphalt



Site: oven for poured asphalt production

Plant description

This company located in northern Italy produces poured asphalt thanks to two ovens of 200 ql each. The emissions from the ovens are collected by a suction system and then conveyed to the chimney.


Although the scrubber works very well, the odorous molecules present in the fumes are not completely eliminated. These odorous molecules are by their nature difficult to identify and therefore difficult to treat. The presence of dwellings in the areas surrounding the plant makes the elimination of the odor problem the main condition of a livable coexistence between the neighborhood and the plant itself, thus avoiding possible plant shutdowns due to forensic practices.


For this purpose, a ferrule with 2 micron micro-nozzles was inserted upstream of the scrubber, inside the air duct. These nozzles spray a mixture of water and ECOSORB 606, interlocked by a high pressure system. This properly sprayed mixture meets the malodorous emissions by neutralizing the smell.

Olfactometric tests were performed in order to assess the real efficacy of the treatment with ECOSORB 606, based on the following method: a sample was taken without the addition of ECOSORB 606, called white sample, and then subsequent samples with different dosages of ECOSORB 606 (250, 500, 750, 1000 ml/h).

The results of this test are as follows:

Sample code Sampling position Sample date Sample hour Sampling mode Predilution factor Odor concentration, Cod (ouE/m3)
100406ASA01 Oven expulsion chimney - White 06/04/2010 14.20 FP 2 20000
100406ASA02 Oven expulsion chimney with 250 ml/h of deodorizing product 06/04/2010 14.25 FP 2 18000
100406ASA03 Oven expulsion chimney with 500 ml/h of deodorizing product 06/04/2010 14.30 FP 2 10000
100406ASA04 Oven expulsion chimney with 750 ml/h of deodorizing product 06/04/2010 14.35 FP 2 9200
100406ASA05 Oven expulsion chimney with 1000 ml/h of deodorizing product 06/04/2010 14.40 FP 2 6200
100406ASA06 Ambient air for asphalt unloading area 06/04/2010 15.00 AA - 150

This analysis shows that the dosage of ECOSORB 606 is a winner; from a starting value of 20000 ou/m3 without ECOSORB 606 there was a decrease of up to 60% of the starting value up to 150 uo/m3 in the directly surrounding environment.

The appropriately sprayed mixture of water and ECOSORB 606 meets the malodorous emissions neutralizing the smell through a high pressure system. Do you want to neutralize malodorous emissions with effective and cutting-edge products? Contact Tillmanns.