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Antiprex MSA®: centrifuge’s chemical washing

Lavaggio chimico centrifuga tillmanns


Site: centrifuge for muds’ dehydration and associated pipes

Plant description

Sewage plant with sludge dewatering by centrifuge.


The waste water from anaerobic digestion causes serious problems of fouling due to deposits of struvite and limestone inside the centrifuge and in the connected pipes. The inlet flow values ​​and the dry values ​​obtained continue to decrease with significant problems for the management of the plant itself.


  1. After the analysis and laboratory screening of the struvite / calcareous deposit, Tillmanns installed a washing solution skid with product solution at the customer
  2. Subsequently Tillmanns installed and connected the skid (recirculation pump + buffer tank) to the entry and to the mud exit of the centrifuge
  3. Finally, Tillmanns prepared the solution consisting of 14% ANTIPREX MSA + 1% H2O2 (35%) + 85% water
lavaggio centrifuga tillmanns

Recirculation (min. 60 minutes): Entry, Tank, Control Panel and Recirculation pump, Exit

The solution at point 3 was recirculated for about 60 minutes, regularly checking the pH value at the exit. Below the results achieved thanks to the chemical washing of the centrifuge with the products supplied by Tillmanns.


The centrifuge appears clean and no deposits are observed even in the pipes. When the centrifuge is restarted, the flow rate values ​​and dry values ​​obtained are more than 20% higher than those obtained with the encrusted centrifuge.

Risultati lavaggio chimico centrifuga tillmanns

Before chemical washing, After chemical washing

Tillmanns offers ad hoc and performing products for the chemical washing of centrifuges.

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